Double Commander

2.4. Copying/moving files


1. Copy/move dialog window
2. Using the clipboard
3. Operation progress dialog
4. Name collisions
5. Additional settings

1. Copy/move dialog window

Confirmation window for copying or moving files with the ability to change some parameters. This windows for both operations differ in only a few parameters, so they will be described together.

Copying/moving files

Can be called with the F5 (copy), Shift+F5 (copy in the same directory) and F6 (move) keys, with buttons on the function key buttons bar or with internal commands (cm_Copy, cm_CopySamePanel and cm_Rename). Also this dialog window appears when we drag and drop files (if Show confirmation dialog after drop is enabled).

The window displays an editable field with the target directory and a file mask (or a file name, if only one), we can manually change the target path and file name. With F5 or F6 we can toggle the selection in the following order: base file name, file name, extension, path, all. If the target directory is not specified (cm_CopySamePanel or manual editing), the files will be copied to the source directory.

File mask determines how files will be renamed when copying or moving (symbol "*" means match any number of characters, symbol "?" means any one character). For example, we can specify *.*.bak, to add an extension .bak to all copied files. Or, for example, use ????.* and trim the names to the first four characters. Using *.ext, we can replace the extensions of all copied files with ext. If the mask is not applicable, the names will remain as is.

Several buttons:

The first group of options determine the action to be taken when resolving a name conflict or when it is impossible to set file properties:

Ask (by default) provides more possible actions (see below).

The next group is a filter, the ability to specify which files to copy or move (file masks, age and so on). Here we can see the selected template and:

The list of the following parameters will vary depending on the type of file operation and operating system family.

Note: When copying files from archives, only the When file exists parameter will be available. When copying files from file system plugins (WFX), several parameters will be available: When file exists, Copy date/time and Work in background (separate connection). The last parameter prohibits the file operation progress window from blocking the main window of Double Commander.

Save these options as default – will set the current values as defaults for the next copy/move operations.

2. Using the clipboard

An additional way to copy or move files: we can use the Copy and Paste or Cut and Paste commands using the keyboard (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V or Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V by default) or the corresponding items in the context menu.

In this case, the operation will start without a confirmation dialog. Double Commander will use the operation settings saved as the default settings, except for the Verify parameter (see description above).

If a file is copied and pasted into the active panel (in the same directory), duplicate files will be created with automatic renaming using the template from the file operations settings.

3. Operation progress dialog

This dialog box shows the details of the progress of the operation: two progress bars (for the currently processed file and the general), progress in percentage (in the title), the total number of files and the number of processed files, the full name of the current file and the name in the target directory, size, speed and remaining time.


4. Name collisions

If a file with the name of the file being copied already exists in the target directory, Double Commander will provide several actions. The choice of the action to be used automatically (without user involvement) will not be saved for subsequent calls of the copy/move operation.

If there is a folder with the same name:

If there is a file with the same name:

The Cancel button will abort the operation.

5. Additional settings

Additional options related to copy/move operations are presented on the File operations settings page.

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